Multinary composition films with controlled properties and interfaces?

With the growing need of thin films in industries, the required film properties are becoming more stringent. As a result, new films tend to include multinary components (such as CuInGaSe in PV or InGaZnO for oxide TFT in display) with strict control of the films and interfacial properties. This implies that there are thousands of possible combinations of composition and process parameters to be evaluated. That is why the co-sputter approach needs to be kicked in to expedite the development procedure.

How can we work for you?

  • Do you have any imminant need of developing new materials, or do you know any material system that is expected to meet your needs, but requires thorough evaluation of numerous composition and process conditions? Please share the problem statement with us. We can start with signing on NDA since we respect all kinds of NDAs from customers.
  • Our extensive knowledge on co-sputter approaches and unique equipment capabilities will provide the efficient ways of finding new materials, whether it be metal compound, metal oxide, metal nitride, or anything else.

Selected deposition equipments

Multi-Chamber Cluster Sputtering System for 6~12-inch wafers (ENTRON-EX W200/300, ULVAC)

  • Four deposition chamber along with an oxidation anneal chamber, which enables state-of-arts film stack deposition through sequential co-sputtering. Detailed workflow flow will be discussed per customer's need. Both unpatterned wafers (for unit film development) or patterned wafers (for reinsertion purpose) can be used.
  • Application areas: Semiconductor (PCRAM, STT-MRAM, RERAM and CBRAM, & Selector material), LED (new optical coating packaging materials), Display (high mobility oxide TFT), LowE glass coating, Battery layers (electrolyte, electrode, and counter electrode), and so on.
  • Your contact for further discussion will be always welcomed.

Multi-Chamber Cluster Sputtering System for 2-inch coupons (INFOVION's 0902/3S-SPT)

  • Three chamber system (oxide deposition, metal deposition, and Load Lock) with the full automatic control system.
  • Application areas: Semiconductor (Oxide and electrode material deposition for ReRAM, CBRAM, and CMOS), Composition specific new material screening for various applications such as LED, Display, and so on.

Multi-Chamber Cluster Evaporator System for 2-inch coupons (Minilab, ULVAC)

  • Three chamber system (metal chamber, organic chamber, radical chamber, and buffer chamber) with oxidation capability.
  • Application areas: Electrode and organic material deposition for OLED, QLED, organic CIS, organic memory, and so on.