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Semiconductor Materials Analysis
Semiconductor Materials Analysis
Microscopy/Elemental Analysis

High resolution TEM/EDS

Depth profiling using ToF-SIMS

Elemental depth profiling using AES and XPS

Elemental spectroscopy RBS/NRA/HFS

Film Characteristics

Mechanical properties using Nanoindentor

Analysis of thin film thickness using XRR, XRD

Analysis of metals using XRF

Film topography using AFM

As the semiconductor industry advances through technology nodes, the need for higher resolution Transmission Electron Microscope becomes larger. High resolution TEM/EDS can measure conformity of CVD and DRIE along the trench walls.

PCA is an orthogonal transformation to convert a set of observations of possibly correlated variables into principal components. The PCA ToF-SIMS can be widely used for the materials identification or mapping of polymers and other organic or bio materials.

The key advantage of RBS is non destructive compositional elemental analysis as a function of depth. HFS and NRA are modifications to RBS that improve the resolution of Hydrogen and light elements respectively.
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