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Electrical Static Discharge (ESD) in Human Body Model (HBM)/ Charged Device Model (CDM)/ Machine Model (MM)

Equipment: ESD Zapping System

Working Principle

  • High current flows through during discharge
  • Energy dissipated makes damages
  • Large amount of heat is generated
  • Standard: JEDEC EIA/JESD 78Model
  • Human Body Model (HBM), Zap Voltage 2000V
  • Machine Model (MM), Zap Voltage 200 V,
  • Charged Device Model (CDM), Zap Voltage 500 V
  • Connection: pin-to-pin, pin-to-Vdd, pin-to-VSS, Vdd-to-Vss

Technical Information

  • Understand the cause of ESD and implement protection
  • Find the breakdown point of DUT
  • Awareness of the tolerance of DUT

ESD Test Results of HBM, MM, and CDM

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Last Updated: February 17, 2020
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