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Build up Quality Manage System (QMS) and Pursue Certificates


  • QMS must contain the above information
  • Corporate business discipline
  • Corporate reputation
  • Corporate growth

ISO 9001:2015

Part 1: Control of Document
Part 2: Control of Record
Part 3: Control of Non-Confirming Materials
Part 4: Internal Audit
Part 5: Corrective Action Required
Part 6: Preventive Action Required

ISO 262626

Part 1: Vocabulary
Part 2: Management of Functional Safety
Part 3: Concept Phase
Part 4: Product Development at System Level
Part 5: Product Development at Hardware Level
Part 6: Product Development at Software Level
Part 7: Production, Operation, Service and Decommission
Part 8: Supporting Processes
Part 9: Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL)-Oriented and Safety-Oriented
Part 10: Guidelines on ISO 262626
Part 11: Guidelines on Application of ISO 262626 to Semiconductors
Part 12: Adaptation of ISO 262626 for Motorcycles

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