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Emerging Materials

ICP-MS is a powerful technique for quantifying trace elements in solids and liquids. It combines low detection limits and high selectivity to deliver information on over 60 elements in the periodic table.

GC-MS is the gold standard for trace materials analysis especially for organic molecules, small or large. When used for industries, GC-MS can be used in various industries including GMP regulated ones such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food.

PCA is an orthogonal transformation to convert a set of observations of possibly correlated variables into principal components. The PCA-ToF SIMS can be widely used for materials identification or for mapping (polymers, organics, or bio-materials}.

Raman is a method of probing the chemical bonding in samples through inelastic light scattering. This can lead to the detection of sugar in food, trace chemicals on a surface and even to tracking compositional changes after heat treatments.
Key Technology #5
Custom Synthesis:
Thin Films

Technical consultation is available for a variety of polymers, peptides, batteries and thin films. In addition to providing analytical services, Outermost Technology can also coordinate materials development projects.
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