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Temperature Humidity Storage (THS)

Equipment: THS Test System

Working Principle

  • Temperature, humidity, and bias conditions are applied
  • All lots are subjected to 150°C Bake after being preconditioned
  • Follow JEDEC standard moisture sensitivity level (MSL) and subjected to a 3X reflow
  • Accelerate the penetration of moisture through the external protective material
  • Standard: JESD22-A101

Technical Information

  • Evaluate, screen, monitor, and/or qualificate the DUT
  • Determine the effects of time and temperature, under storage conditions
  • Thermally activated failure mechanisms and time-to failure distributions of devices, including nonvolatile memory devices
  • Model the Arrhenius Equation for acceleration

Yearly Temperature, Humidity and Electrical Load Records

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Last Updated: February 17, 2020
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