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We are a service provider and a problem solver in the following:

Material Analysis

  • Free consultation focused on customer’s analysis goals
  • State-of-the-art metrologies such as
  •     - AES, XPS, AFM, SIMS, RBS/HFS/NRA, Nanoindenter (surface analysis)
        - TEM/EDX/EELS,FIB-SEM, ICP-MS, GC-MS, Raman (elemental analysis)
        - And many more
  • Hard to find metrology services
  • Quality Assurance Program – Free remeasurement if data quality is not satisfactory


  • Design reliability plan for customers
  • Perform electrical, thermal, mechanical, environmental, accelerate life-time estimation, and from silicon level up to system level
  • Develop desk reliability theories include FMEA, DFx, SCM, QMS, Weibull analysis, reliability growth modeling as well as ISO9001:2018 and ISO26262
  • Apply standards JEDEC, Mil-Std, Tecordia, AEC, IPC, etc., based on customer’s requirements and products

Failure Analysis

  • Strong failure analysis capabilities and tools
  • 3D-CT, AFM, APT, C-SAM, curve tracer, EBSD, EMMI, FIB (TEM and Cross Section sample preparation), FT-IR, LSM, OBIRCH, PICA, SCM, SEM/EDX, SQUID, TEM, and X-ray
  • Cross section equipment, decapsulation and parallel layer lapping machine, ion milling system, RIE, microscopes, oscilloscopes as for the auxiliary facility
  • For each failure analysis, we provide a FA8D report as soon as the work is completed

Reverse Engineering

  • Structural Analysis-APT, decapsulation, FIB, high resolution optical microscope, parallel lapping, polishing/ion milling, SCM, SEM/EDS, TEM/EDS/EELS, wet/dry etching, X-ray imaging
  • Functional Block Analysis-Block Identification, chip/pad dimensions, I/O pads, material identification, memory block/size, memory type, metal structure, and technology node
  • Package Analysis-Bump pitch/pad, metal layer/via, package layer, pin connection configuration, pin mapping, polyimide, solder ball/pad, and UBM size

* Our services are not limited to those listed above. Please contact us for additional details

Customer Service Workflow

Consult with Our Technologist
Provide Your Samples
Receive In-Depth Report
Debrief with Our Technologist


Streamline R&D Services

Technology selection, management, payment with one single account

Affordable Price

Access leading edge technologies at an affordable price

Solution Provider

Utilizing scientific expertise both in-house and in-network to solve your challenges

Complimentary Consultation

Before placing job order

Professional Data Interpretation

As a second opinion to yours

Quality Assurance Program

Free remeasurement if not satisfied

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